Client Reviews

" I’m not new to training, but hadn’t been in the right mind set to train since lock down. Michael messaged me to see if I was interested in a 12 week programme of course I said yes. Within 2 days I had a full programme, as well as detailed information about my nutrition. The programme was great and had a range of different exercises so the sessions aren’t mundane or boring. He is constantly on the other end of the phone when I’ve got a question or need to message him and constantly sends messages asking if I’m alright and how the week has gone. I’ve currently lost around 1.5lbs of body fat and have significantly increased the weight I’m using. I'm very happy with how the plan is working out and will continue to use and recommend Everyday Fitness "

** Joe C **


" 1000% recommend Mike. Very professional and encouraging. He listens to what you’d like to gain and if you have any struggles. I’ve definitely seen a difference in the plans that are provided to me "

** Jade S **


" After suffering a stroke, Everyday Fitness helped me regain more strength in my damaged arm and also boosted my self confidence with a specially designed program to meet my physical capabilities. Always there for advice if needed and very friendly. Has good knowledge and will support you in your goals "

** Mick D **