Our Packages

Our Packages

All of our programmes are tailored to the individual. We gather information about your current health and lifestyle, then put together a plan based on your individual goals. We offer you a package that will benefit you the most from the results we get from the information gathered. Our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages are set over a 12 week duration after which a new block will need to be purchased to continue your progress with us. Our monthly membership allows you to work with us on a month by month basis.

Bronze Package

Our bronze package is designed for individuals who have little to no experience living a healthy lifestyle. This package may also be a good starting point for you if you have fallen out of a routine and are looking to get back to where you once were. Our bronze package includes a custom training program along with a habit breaker to help you on your journey to improving your health and fitness. We provide a detailed weekly analysis of what you have accomplished over the 7 day period via email.

Price: £200

Silver Package

Our silver package is designed for individuals who have some experience living a healthy lifestyle, but have found themselves needing help to get to the next level. Our silver package includes a detailed custom training plan, along with a nutrition guide, that will help you progress to the next stage of your journey. We offer a detailed weekly analysis of your achievements over the 7 day period and we are available to answer any queries you may have before this time via email.

Price: £250

Gold Package

Our gold package is designed as a strength and conditioning based program for experienced individuals that are looking for support to progress to the elite level. This package includes an in depth training schedule, along with a detailed nutrition guide, including a macronutrient breakdown, that will allow them to concentrate less on the calculations and more on their preparation and training. We offer daily communication with our gold package members, as well as a weekly round up via email.

Price: £350

Monthly Membership

Our monthly package allows you to work with us on a month by month basis. This package includes a custom gym program with a weekly check in, and is designed to suit individuals who just want to get in the gym and get that work done without having to plan their sessions. This plan does not offer any nutritional guidance.

Price: £50 per month