The Process

What is online Coaching?

Online coaching is a modern way of delivering fitness programs and lifestyle changes. This concept allows you to access coaching from anywhere in the world. This style of training can be utilised by anyone, anywhere, anytime, making it a very useful addition to your training.

What do I get for my money?

Whenever we receive an enquiry we send out a consultation pack that allows us to gather all the information needed to compile your portfolio and build your programme. Once you are happy to proceed, we will send your personalised program via email (Payment must be made before your program is sent). It is that simple, no stress, no hassle, we make everything as easy as possible for you.

What will I get in my package?

Our strength & conditioning package starts with a testing phase, which allows us to establish a baseline. Your programme is set to the specificity of your goals. We will monitor your progress throughout your training and make the required adjustments as and when needed. We then conduct further testing at week 6 and week 12 to see how you have progressed throughout the training period. Once your 12 week phase is complete, you have the opportunity to carry on with us for another 12 week block, where we will reassess your goals and reprogram your plan.

If you opt for our monthly package, you will receive a plan that runs from month to month. This programme is specific to your goals and will be assessed on a month by month basis. This package will run on a monthly basis and will need to be reviewed every month.

With each package a check in day is included on Friday's. This allows us to see how you have performed during the week and allows you to ask any questions regarding your programme.